10 Reasons to Partner with the PMI Serbia Chapter

We are honored to invite you to join our team of renowned companies, including Microsoft, HP, Telenor, Siemens, Ericsson and a number of others who support the work of project management professionals at the global and local levels. By becoming a sponsor of our organization and our events, you will have a unique opportunity to gain access to entrepreneurs, executives and managers at leading Serbian companies. You will also have a chance to promote your business and services as a way of increasing the visibility of your brand.

Partnership with the PMI Serbia Chapter offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Becoming involved with the local community of project managers and providing active support to the development of the project management profession and methodology in Serbia and the region;
  • Raising awareness for your company among project management professionals, who hold prominent positions in renowned domestic and foreign companies;
  • Increased loyalty for your brand;
  • High visibility in all PMI Serbia Chapter activities and events;
  • The opportunity to present your products and services to PMI Serbia Chapter members and partners; PMI Serbia Chapter -a
  • Establishing contact via the Internet, email and face-to-face meetings, with PMI Serbia Chapter members, all successful PM professionals that are ready support your business ideas and projects;
  • The option of recruiting the best PM professionals in the region
  • Contact with other companies in the region currently engaging PM professionals in their business ventures;
  • The opportunity to receive relevant, up to date information on new developments and investment business / project activities in the region;
  • Promoting and launching new PMI Serbia Chapter project initiatives in cooperation with representatives of leading companies and investors in the region.

Sponsorship Packages

Chapter Sponsor

As an annual or semi-annual Chapter Sponsor, you will gain visibility through various PMI Serbia Chapter communication channels and activities. Your logo and company coordinates will be presented at regular meetings, yearly events and in all official PMI Serbia Chapter publications. You will also be featured on the PMI Serbia Chapter website with a link to your company’s web page. Beyond these standard benefits, we welcome your suggestions and ideas on how to best promote your company, in accordance with the mission of the PMI Serbia Chapter.

Annual : 2,200 ЕUR               Semi-Annual : 1,200 ЕUR

Event Sponsor

As an Event Sponsor, you will come into direct contact with project management professionals. Your logo will be featured on the event announcement page of the PMI Serbia Chapter website, with a direct link to your company’s official website. Your company name and logo will be used in all communication related to the sponsored event. At the event, you will introduce your company, its activities and also have the opportunity to introduce promotional activities.

A regular meeting of the Association’s members and friends /After-hours networking event 900 ЕUR Gold Sponsor and 500 ЕUR Silver Sponsor

Training Sponsor

As a Training Sponsor, your logo will be featured on the PM training page of the PMI Serbia Chapter website, with a direct link to your company’s website. You will also have the opportunity to use this page to announce relevant events organized by your company by sending updated information to a PMI Serbia Chapter representative.

Banner on the PMI Serbia Chapter website: од  200 to 400 ЕUR per month, depending on the size and location of the banner

Special Sponsorship Packages

We are open to your comments and suggestions on creating a sponsorship package to fit your specific requirements.

If you are interested in joining the renowned team of PMI Serbia Chapter sponsors or would like further information about other partnership options, please mail us at board@pmi-serbia.rs