Extended Deadline for Nominations for Board Members of PMI Serbia Chapter – Elections 2019

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The Election Committee noted that the number of nominations for Board positions received in the initial run was insufficient, so the decision was made to extend the Call for Nominations by Saturday, 23rd  February 2019, at 23:00 (CET).

We invite all members in a good standing who are interested to participate actively in the work of our Chapter, especially those experienced in Project Management as well as Functional Management, who can successfully transfer their experience to the Board, to apply for any of 6 Board positions:
   1. President
   2. Vice President
   3. Director for Finance and Administrations
   4. Director for Membership and Marketing
   5. Director for Professional Development
   6. Director for Relation with Professional Organizations

We remind you that the byLaws of the PMI Serbia Chapter defines the existence of this 6  Board positions and invite you to get more familiar with the duties and responsibilities of each position. The most important roles and responsibilities that enable the effective chapter management are present in a study elaborated by PMI volunteers (Volunteer Role Delineation Study Results). All documents are available at the following link:

All registered members of PMI Serbia Chapter can be nominated as candidates for Board Of Directors, with exception of Board members that served 2 consecutive terms in the same office according to byLaws procedure.

You can nominate yourself, or nominate another member of the Chapter by petition acquiring at least 5 signatures of PMI Serbian Chapter members. The Election Committee has also the mandate to propose candidates.

Please note that in determining eligibility and ability of each candidate the Election Committee will follow the PMI’s recommendations for selection of the Board members. The Election Committee will duly inform the nominated candidates if their applications need to be amended.

The following document “2019 Officer Candidate Form” is the application form, also available for download at the upper location. It is necessary to carefully fill out the application form and submit it to the email address: 
Application deadline is Saturday, 23rd February 2019, at 23:00 (CET).