Branko Greganovic – Serbia

Chief Executive Officer at NLB Banka Belgrade

Presentation: Leadership is Not About Climbing a Corporate Ladder

A lot of time and attention is spent on discussing the role of leaders and leadership nowadays.

However, the discussion seem to be contaminated by an intriguing contradiction. On the one hand, academic articles and professional conferences around the world are promoting the approach based on the values of employee autonomy, organization purpose and sharing economy. On the other hand, however, the real life situation in organizations is by and large still dominated by very conservative organizational culture based on hierarchical discipline, monetary reward driven incentive systems and – the corporate ladders to be climbed by the most aggressive individuals in the organization.

Changing the organizational culture  from the ego-centric model based on aggressively competitive individuals to a socio-centric culture based on sharing and constructive cooperation among autonomous employees is one of the most demanding, if not the most demanding, challenge of the contemporary organizations.


Brief Bio
Branko Greganović is an executive with rich international experience in public and private sector, corporate finance and restructuring. He started his career at the Bank of Slovenia, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia and Societe Generale Bank. Later on he led a team of M&A advisors for a regional investment banking boutique. In that role, Branko directed the process of establishment of Droga Kolinska Group, leading regional FMCG group, and after that, in his capacity as the CFO of the Group he spearheaded the restructuring process of Droga Kolinska. Before joining the NLB Banka Belgrade as the CEO of the bank in 2014, Branko was a freelance M&A advisor and in turn managed a portfolio of Croatian corporate debt NPL portfolio at Hypo Alpe Adria Bank from the bank’s HQ in Klagenfurt, Austria.


Leadership is Not About Climbing a Corporate Ladder
10:30  -  11:00