Dr Velimir Tasic – Singapore

PMI Singapore Chapter, Co-Founder & Executive of ESAA Entrepreneurship Incubator

Presentation: Are You Ready to Be a Leader?

What is the difference that project leaders are making? Why is it vital to project manager change to project leaders? “Are you ready” to become a project leader? Do you have what leadership requires and executives in your organization are looking for? Do you even know what those skills are? Can you connect the dots and what you do every day to overall business strategy? How to set-up your framework? How to develop next practices approach and change PM game? In this presentation, I will share several strategies that will help PMI Serbia Conference participants to navigate while exploring Skills, Frameworks, Strategies, Knowledge Areas, and Business Opportunities, essential for Next Practices and Future Projects Leadership.


Workshop: Rethinking Project Management

Modern organizations operate in multiple projects environments, but due to projects interdependencies complexity questions, how to manage projects and what projects leadership is the most optimal for 21st century are always challenging and opportunities for continuous improvement. Therefore, more than ever before in the 21st century organizations need to rethink project management and empower project leaders, driven by next practices approach and agile mindset. In this workshop, several tools and case studies shall be shared to navigate and discover which type of project manager are they, while exploring Skills, Frameworks, Strategies, Knowledge Areas, Personalities, and Business Opportunities, essential for Next Practices: Strategy, Projects, and Team Alignment & Future Projects Leadership.


Brief Bio
Velimir Tasić for the last 6 years have been working within 2 continents (Asia and Europe) and many countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Serbia). He has developed the skills of internationally minded, digitally educated and multicultural competent leader that possesses in-depth experience in developing agile project management frameworks to fit specific corporate environments, as well as being competent in program development and strategy. Helping business leaders improve their projects is his passion, and thus, he has co-founded an Entrepreneurship Incubator that each year brings together more than 30 entrepreneurs from all around the world in one of the European capitals to work together on developing their start-ups and business network. His moto is: ‘Sharing is caring’, and thus, he is always keen on helping business leaders in strategic thinking about their future. He is speaker at various conferences and events, as well as blog writer.


WORKSHOP: Rethinking Project Management
15:30  -  17:30
Are You Ready to Be a Leader?
09:45  -  10:30