Jelena Jeremic – Serbia

HR Consultant, and Blanchard Serbia

Workshop Situational Leadership

Practice and research showed that if leader uses same management style with all team members and for all tasks, some of team members would get exactly what is needed, however some would get too much or too less. Each project consist of set of tasks, delegated to team members at different stage of personal development. This means that they would have different level of competency and devotion. Project manager with each team member must explicitly define expectations, goals, and activities. Project manager must assess management style and have customized approach to each individual needs in context of given task or activity.


Brief Bio
Jelena is psychologist (department of work psychology). She is educated for Gestalt therapy and coaching. She is permanently employed at development center for 5 years. She has significant experience in a variety of development projects. Her training expertise is in the field of: communication, assertiveness, conflicts, presentational skills, time management, leadership, problem solving and decision making, motivating, delegating, strategic planning, interviewing… She delivers individual, team, group coaching, workshops and targeted team buildings that enable her clients to develop functioning of the teams.

Jelena’s special expertise is work in the assessment centres where she, using the wide range of methodological approaches and tools, assess the competences of managers, as well as research in the companies which are done at the beginning and at the end of projects as an assessment of the level of improvement. Jelena is certified for online business simulation in the trainings and assessments. Also, she is certified by the Ken Blanchard Companies for the programmes such as Situational Leadership, Situational Team Leadership, Building Trust, First Time Manager etc.



WORKSHOP: Situational Leadership
15:30  -  16:30