Marija Pavic – Serbia

Director, HR Consultant, and Blanchard Serbia

Presentation:  Shared Leadership  Efficient Management of Project Team

Even when project manager is successful in managing project team individuals, it doesn’t mean he is managing whole team. It’s known that project team is not only group individuals and that project team has it’s own dynamics. In order that project team reach high productivity and positive atmosphere, project manager must with his approach, tools and techniques to facilitate team integration. With shared leadership concept, all team members are mutually managing each other’s, having also accountability for whole team and each team individual.


Brief Bio
Marija is engaged in improving people and companies functioning since 2001. Last 12 years Marija is HR consultant and director of Development Center and since 5 years ago of Blanchard International Serbia. She connects business and psychological sides of the case and the most recognized approach in Marija’s practice is her development projects. In this moment, she has around 3000 hours of coaching, around 400 days of training and more then 100 companies in her portfolio.

Main part of her job consists of individual, team and group coaching. She is especially proud on work with different management teams. In field of consulting, she mostly work on strategic planning, organizational structure, key values, performance management, job descriptions, meeting system and other HR and business processes and systems. Marija is specialized for developing competences through training and mentoring. She has great knowledge on group dynamic and methods that emphasize interaction between trainer and participants and also big experience and knowledge in individual development through psychotherapy and coaching. She enjoys delivering team buildings for clients. One of her duties are assessments of companies and managers.



Shared Leadership – Efficient Management of Project Team
12:00  -  12:45