Olivera Zdravkovic – Serbia

Senior HR Consultant, NLP Trainer and Business Coach

Workshop: Stress Management & Procrastination

Are you managing stress or stress is managing you?
Even if it sounds strange, stress is actually useful. Very often, it makes us accountable.
Can you see the difference between your own and other peoples’ stress perception? Can you recognize sources of stress? Do you procrastinate? Can you easily accept change? This workshop has a goal to help you to recognize stress, its causes and consequences depending on perception, type of personality, situation…and to manage it!


Brief Bio
Olivera Zdravkovic is Senior HR Consultant, NLP Trainer and Business Coach (Erickson and PCM methodology). Olivera is entrepreneur, owner at Ocons. She has been working with a number of clients and supported their personal, team as well as organizational development. As Senior HR professional, she shares broad experience and prepares tailor-made solutions according to client’s needs. As a business coach and trainer, she has a professional goal to support individuals and companies in their growth and development and has purpose to inspire and empower clients and participants to get out of their comfort zone and make a step closer to success. She worked in Vip mobile d.o.o. since startup in 2007. for almost 10 years. Her area of expertise is HR primarily in the field of compensation and benefits, organizational design, business coaching and training focused on people development.


WORKSHOP: Stress Management & Procrastination
15:00  -  17:00