Stevan Beslac, PMP – Serbia

Project Manager and Trainer

Workshop: Integritet – Izazovi realnih situacija

If I could teach you one value to live by, it would be this: Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.

We live in a world where “the end justifies the means”. Applicants exaggerate in job interviews. Employees call in “sick” because they don’t have any more paid time off. Sales people overpromise and under deliver. Project managers underpromise and overdeliver. Doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. To do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be.

Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose.


Brief Bio
Stevan Beslać, PMP, is a Project Manager and Trainer. More than 10 years of experience as a Project Manager. Delivered projects for various companies: Efes, Oracle, Telekom Serbia, NIS Gazprom, Electric Power Company of Serbia, Atlas Copco, Asseco and many more. Implementing various IT solutions like Oracle and SAP for wide variety of industries: Food and Beverages, Information Technologies, Oil and Gas, Energy, Telecommunication…

Constantly improving and trying to find new and creative ways in delivering faster with less budget. Looking at Project management as a way of life and a big game we all play, always ready to listen and learn as well as share the knowledge and experience to others.



WORKSHOP: Integritet – Izazovi realnih situacija
15:00  -  16:30